Webb St Level Crossing Removal


Our Client: Western Program Alliance

End Client: Level Crossing Removal Project

Equipment: 100T Crane, Scissor Lifts, Concrete Pumps, EWP's

Scope of work

CIG is involved in The Level Crossing Removal Project which consists in remove over 100 level crossing across Melbourne. This is part of the Victoria’s Big Build, a program of the Government of Victoria.

The Narre Warren project encompass civil, track, road, structural and rail infrastructure works within the project extents.

Raising the tracks onto viaduct over the existing road, constructing a new Narre Warren Station close to the existing platforms. Constructing a new civic forecourt arrangement and a southern carpark extension under the viaduct. Relocation and upgrading signalling assets.

The project consists of 3 main areas:
Area 1 – includes West Abutment to Pier 3
Area 2 – Between Webb St and Cranbourne Narre Warren Road. This includes Pier 4 to Pier 10 Portals, Pier 11 to Pier 16 typical Pier Crossheads, station building and platforms.
Are 3 – Includes East Abutment.

Additionally, the scope includes Beam installation, U-trough stitches, transfloor installation, Steel Girders insitu concrete works, Reinforcement supply, detailed excavation