Union Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal


Our Client: SEPA

End Client: Level Crossing Removal Project

Completed: 2023

Equipment: 130T Crane, 50T Crawler, 5T Telehandler, Concrete Pumps, EWPs,

Scope of work

The scope of works includes the construction of two road bridges over an existing railway line, ensuring full compliance with all VicRoads standard specifications. The tasks involved in this project encompass:

Excavation for bridge foundations
Pile breakback operations
Construction of 2.5km in-situ capping beam
Precast barrier installation on the bridge structures and in-situ capping beam
Construction of in-situ barriers
Construction of concourse

Additionally, the scope includes the construction of abutment structures, piers, approach slabs, lateral restraint blocks, labour for landing T-beams with temporary jacking, diaphragms with post-tensioning, temporary works designs and consulation, expansion joints, bridge deck, placement of on and off-structure barriers, and in-situ capping beam.