Mernda Rail


Our Client: John Holland

End Client: Level Crossing Removal Authority

Completed: 2017-2018

Equipment: ComeUp CP-500 Electric Hoist, Manitou 2.5T Forklift & AT20 Franna Crane

Scope of work

Between three elevated structures, Mernda, Hawkstowe and Parkway, a total of 2320 lineal metres of U-Trough stitch pours were constructed. This included the fabrication and installation of “Corten” sacrificial formwork, installation of reinforcement, and casting and finishing concrete. CIG were responsible for the unique procedure for lifting and securing the steel plates using a custom winch system.

Built formwork, tied reinforcement and poured concrete for all elements of McDonalds Road and South Morang Station Forecourt Bridges. This included abutments, diaphragms, decks, approach slabs and wingwalls. McDonalds Road Bridge consisted of 17 Super-T beams supporting a 1300m2 bridge deck. The Forecourt Bridge is made up of 13 Super-T beams supporting a 700m2 deck slab.