Duncans Road


Our Client: WBHO

End Client: MRPV

Completed: 2020

Equipment: 15t-40t Franna Cranes, 40 80 and 100t Slewing Cranes, 4T Telehandler, 20m-48m Boom pumps, Vibrating Deck Screeds, 150t Hydraulic Jacks, CIG Designed and Fabricated Steel Formwork Shutters, CIG Designed Formwork and Falsework Systems

Scope of work

The construction of a new 6 span, 4 lane bridge over the Princes Freeway for the Duncans Road Interchange as part of the Western Roads Upgrade (WRU). Spanning 150 metres at an average width of 27m it is one of the largest overpasses over the Princess Freeway in Melbourne. The bridge featured a unique curved design to facilitate construction, which introduced unique challenges, and extremely restricted working areas in the centre of the freeway.

Civil Infrastructures scope included the FRP (Formwork/Falsework, Reinforcement, Pour) for the in-situ concrete sections of the bridge including; Abutments, Pile Caps and Pier Protection Barriers, Columns, Crossheads, and Bridge Deck

CIG were also responsible for landing and installing the precast concrete members on the bridge; including each of the 69 T-beams, and craneage and installation of the 65 on-structure barriers (7T), 14 off-structure barriers (15T) and F-Type Barrier installation long the freeway.