Coolstore Rd Level Crossing Removal


Our Client: SEPA

End Client: Metropolitan Roads Program Alliance

Equipment: Monolithic Pier Formwork, CIGCURE, Grove RT650E-50T, Grove GMK5130-130T

Scope of work

The scope of works includes the following tasks for the construction project:

Pier plunging and construction.
Construction of T-shape crosshead using both in-situ and precast methods.
Construction of portal structures, including crosshead using both in-situ and precast methods, and post-tensioning and stitch operations.
Construction of abutments, involving pile cap and wall construction.
Installation and stitch of L-beams.
Platform construction, including T-beam installation, FRP deck installation, and coping stone placement.
These tasks encompass the various elements required for the construction project, ensuring the successful completion of pier structures, crossheads, portals, abutments, L-beams, and platforms.